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Spring Island

Smooth-Jazz Fusion


The band Spring Island plays the remarkably popular smooth jazz style – listened with pleasure by many people but played by only a few bands – which is sweet, pleasing to ears and almost all kinds of audience are impressed by its modern tone. This style is played by the world-wide known George Benson, David Sanborn, George Duke and such bands as Mezzoforte, Incognito and the Yellowjackets.


The name Spring Island refers to the mood of the songs played by the band. This mood recalls the freshness of spring and the vividness of a well. We can equally listen to dynamism and resignation, spirited rhythm changes and fine softly arched melodies. The songs of Spring Island consist of modern grooves and exciting concords. The band plays both electric and acoustic instruments. Improvisation also characterises their music fancied by the audience at the first hearing.


Spring Island has been founded by Ákos György who is a lover of exciting variations of music, a multi-faceted composer, pianist and synthesizer player. He was a disciple of Róbert Rátonyi, János Gonda and Béla Szakcsi Lakatos. After finishing Bartók Béla Academy of Music, he played together with a lot of well-known Hungarian jazz musicians such as Gyula Csepregi, Csaba Deseő, Ádám Török, Balázs Berkes and Imre Kőszegi.


Similarly to his icons (Michel Petrucciani, Chuck Loeb, Michael Mainieri etc.), he is a wholehearted solo player rich in emotions and a significant character of Spring Island.


He plays the piano, the synthesizer, the flute and the marimba, too.


The co-founder of the band was Balázs Galgóczi who plays the guitar in modern fusion and jazz style. After finishing Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music, he took an active part in the Hungarian musical life. He played several times in different foreign groups.


He plays both the acoustic and electric guitar.


The saxophone player of the band is Gyula Csepregi. According to the Hungarian musicians’ community, he is the “leading saxophonist” of Hungary.


You can find his name on the jacket of nearly 500 records, either on his own or together with several celebrated artists.


He won eMeRTon Award fifth and the Hungarian Radio Standard Award twice. He won Gábor Szabó Award in 2009. In recognition of his international success, he has been awarded several times.


Gyula is the most heart-stirring Hungarian saxophone player. Beside his brilliant technique, his marvellous playing covers the whole scale of emotions.


The conga player and percussionist of the group is István Kátai who is specialized in Latin and Afro-Cuban rhythms.


Having been committed to the exciting Caribbean rhythms, he was one of the important percussionists of the Cuban dance shows and road shows.

He plays the congas, bongo, timbal, shaker and other Afro-Cuban percussion instruments.


The drummer of the band, László Pataki, having several ideas for virtuosic rhythms, guarantees a creditable tempo and constant background.


The youngest musician of the group is Donát Takács who plays the bassguitar. He hasn’t finished the Academy of Music yet.