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In Line



The jazz band In Line founded by Pál Vasvári and Gyula Csepregi in 1989 was regarded as the most successful Hungarian jazz band ever existed.


The reason for their success was the high standard of music they played, which was melodious and attracted the wide range of audience, even those who has otherwise never listened to the different styles of jazz but has been gripped by the music of In Line. At the same time the people having a quick ear preferring more difficult jazz styles have recognized the interpretation of authentic jazz music in the improvisations the melodious was followed by.


Beside the two founders (Vasvári and Csepregi) of the Band , a lot of Hungarian young jazz musicians,however illistrious representatives were discovered by the Band. For example: János Nagy, Gergő Borlai or Ferenc Német drummer who has world wide success after that the Band made an album with Dave Samuels american vibrafon virtuoz. Dave helped him to go to the Berkley. Later Dave became his teacher.


Beside the young musician, of course, a numerous Hungarian Jazz icons played in the Band. For example János Solti the drummer of LGT who was a determining member at the begining and he used to play a lot of the Band. Several times played in the Band Béla Szakcsi Lakatos and Imre Kőszegi too.


The first ” In Line” bakelite album was made in 1989. It was followed 15 In Line CD. The last Twin Lines Project double CD was made in 2000. Beside Vasvári and Csepregi, four american world-wide  and Grammy awarded jazz star participated in this album.They played together with Russell Ferrante pianist (from the two-time Grammy awarded Yellowjackets), the excellent drummer Alex Acuna from the legendary Weather Report, , the world-famous vibraphone wizard Dave Samuels (Spyro Gyra) and the famous guitar virtuoso Mike Stern. This band gave concerts in Europe in the early 2000, but the original Band hasn’t received in the Hungarian Jazz Life.


In the years past, founders built a successfull carrier. They decided that they recall the In Line again. The latest formation consist of the founders (Vasvári and Csepregi) and Miklós Birta who is a tallented jazz guitar virtuoz and Péter Szendőfi who is a determining jazz drummer in the Hungarian Jazz Life. They are working on the new CD, which is soon available in the markets.