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Beside the naked fact that independently each member of the Hungarian Sax Professors is a maestro of his instrument, the members of the formation jointly form a quartet that plays excellent music giving pleasure not only to themselves but to the audience, too, at a professional level.


They have wide-ranging music styles. The repertoire of the quartet consists of evergreen songs treated at a high artistic level and – at the same time – being easily receptible to the audience.


These songs have been created in various jazz styles. Building upon the musicians’ improvising skills, the playfulness opens the door to the ‘birth’ of new compositions within a given frame, practically, in the audience’s hearing.


They have given successful concerts in several countries all over the world making hundreds of the saxophonists of the world wiser by their instructions. They teach the next saxophonist generation, as the name of the formation also refers to this fact.


Their art is characterised by serious preparedness. You can’t imagine their performances without their humorous playing which determines their individuality. According to critics, the concerts given by the formation are a curiosity in the Hungarian musical life. Their popularity has been based on their individual talent. Their playing together in this quartet is something real unique for both the professional audience and the general public.