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Studio 11

The hisory of the orchestra  began during the aegis of the public radio in 1963 under Imre Zsoldos and Sándor Dobsa's leadership. It was always a main characteristic of the orchestra that they felt at home in all styles of music - pop, rock, soul and jazz. As it was required to do so by the unique position they occupied in the Hungarian music life. The members of the ensemble are highly educated musicians - at the same time they are prominent solists - who are regular participants of the national and international jazz life. The result of the artistic activity of many decade are hearable and seeable on countless sound medium, television and radio recording. The rejuvenated orchestra carries on the intellectual and artistic values, which the heaped up during the decades, under the leadership of Gyula Csepregi and Gyula Tóth.


The orchestra's activity includes the providing of exclusive productions on various programmes, paid works in studios, as well as the conversion of full-scale professional background of these activities.


Actual productions:

·  Tribute to Jaco Pastorius Project with Peter Erskine and Victor Bailey + S11

·        Éva Bolba / Zsófi Farkas + S11

"Swing Highlights"

·        Barna Pély + S11
"Funky Stuff"

·        Ferenc Varga - Betty Balássy + S11

·        Eszter Váczi + S11

·        Csilla Auth + S11
 "Evergreen Love" / "Musical Flash"