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The members of the legendary Hungarian Jazz Quartet decided in 2006 that they would recall the band. The formation that disbanded 17 years ago gave its first concert more than 20 years ago at the University of Horticulture in 1986. The members of the band were regarded as the most popular jazz musicians in Hungary. Playing mostly their own compositions they have been surrounded by extraordinary attention since the beginning.


The Hungarian Jazz Quartet is the most important formation in the Hungarian jazz life. Their album titled New Age has been sold in the largest number of copies among the Hungarian Jazz albums. By April 1989 they had given more than 400 concerts in Europe and Hungary.

The continuous unflagging giving of concerts has undermined the members’ health. Consequently, they decided to split up.


Owing to Vilmos Jávori, the band has been revived. He called up Vasvári exactly on the day of the 20th anniversary of the Hungarian Jazz Quartet and asked him to rejoin the band together with the old members.


The renewed band gave its first concert at the Millenáris Fogadó on 1 February 2007. By this time Gábor Szende had joined the band because Vilmos Jávori suffered from a fatal disease. Vilmos Jávori died on 20 February 2007.


The members of the band have already thought of not going on without Jávori. Finally, everybody agreed not to leave everything they could realize to fate – partly to the memory of Vilmos Jávori. So the band has held together.


The new Band is playing again with its new drummer, Gábor Szende.


The album titled Last Time Together erects a monument to the memory of the great Hungarian jazz saxophonist Dezső Ablakos Lakatos beside Vilmos Jávori.